Xclusive Young Plants BV: Fresh, Quality and Affordable Cuttings From Uganda All Year Round

Xclusive Young Plants Ltd. is a young, dynamic nursery comprising of four Dutch shareholders. We produce fresh, quality cuttings all year round in Uganda, a country which has the ideal climate for this. 

Shareholder and Director Hans van Eijzeren:

“On 4 ha., we produce a wide range of crops and varieties including hanging plants such as Epipremnum, Scindapsus, Philodendron and Chlorophytum, Succulents such as Schlumbergera as well as nursery crops such as Hydrangea and Hedera.”

Our cuttings and our way of working excel on several levels which, as relationship manager, Ard shapes in his own unique way. He always faces issues head on and although he strives for consensus, he also never loses sight of Xclusive’s vision.”

Quality: We hold MPS-Quality status. For many of our customers, MPS is a ‘must’. We use the MPS manual as a tool itself to structure our work at the company. The MPS ‘Health and Safety’ module offers a good basis for the social and medical side of our work that we as employers are required to manage.

Sustainability: We continuously invest in sustainable cultivation solutions and use the natural resources around us as economically as possible. Our MPS certifications underline this.

Social involvement: Responsible handling of people, the environment, and nature is our ‘license to produce’. The Xclusive Group, of which Xclusive Young Plants Ltd is a part, has a private clinic with qualified nurses, a nursery and internal training programs for our employees. We also offer housing for our executives. The Xclusive Group offers employment to more than 550 employees and their families.

Xclusive Young Plants BV

Postal Address
Gortstraat 41
3905 BC Veenendaal

  +31 630 66 96 54



skype: yugung2014


“Sales are a result of good relationship management. If you do the latter right, the first will come naturally.”

Ard Mulder

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