Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen BV: Your One-Stop Address for Young Plants

Sebastiaan Hoogenraad:

“Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen is a Dutch nursery specialized in the cultivation of young plants (planting material) for a wide range of tree nursery crops such as shrubs, specializing in Hydrangea, conifers, perennials, grasses and much more. We grow 7 million plants, in 1500 different product forms. Our nursery in Ederveen, Gelderland, has a total surface area of over 19 ha, of which 3 ha includes greenhouses and tunnels.”

“We export to 30 countries within Europe and beyond. Ard Mulder specializes in sales to Irish and British growers as well as European and British e-commerce companies that sell plants online.

Our e-commerce customers are grateful to be able to make use of our large photo archive. Ard has put this together on location in recent years and has also supplemented it with his garden book collection. He has an answer to every garden plant question.”

Our planting material excels on several fronts.

Quality: Our young plants bear the ‘Good Plants’ brand. This brand guarantees top quality.

Reliability: We have been a reliable partner to our clients at home and abroad for more than 50 years.

Novelties: Every year we launch several new and interesting plants.

Sustainability: We work as environmentally friendly as possible: the use of chemical crop protection agents is minimized, we use natural enemies to combat pests, we have solar panels to use energy sustainably, and our pots are suitable for reuse.

Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen BV

Rijksweg 30a
6744 WB Ederveen
The Netherlands

  +31 630 66 96 54



skype: yugung2014


“Sales are a result of good relationship management. If you do the latter right, the first will come naturally.”

Ard Mulder

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