Bird’s Eye Fresh Produce BV:
Fresh Products From Uganda

Bird’s Eye Fresh Produce facilitates the import of exceptional, fresh products from Uganda: spicy fresh red and green peppers, habaneros, traditionally grown fresh tea leaves, locally grown and fermented vanilla, okras, white garden eggs and possibly even Hass avocados and macadamia nuts in the future.

My son Liam is also involved in the business. Bird’s Eye Fresh Produce is a young company that works with several local companies.

Fresh Impex Ltd

We import freshly picked tea leaves from Fresh Impex Ltd that is processed into dried tea by small consumers and specialist companies.
We collaborate with a small processor of locally grown vanilla pods. We sell their fermented pods which are so-called vanilla sticks, as well as vanilla powder.

Agricado Farms Uganda

Agricado Farms Uganda (Ltd) has a large, professionally managed farm suitable for growing a variety of products for various export markets, including Europe and the Middle East. All products that come from Agricado Farms Uganda are Global GAP certified.

Ard explains: “Through our shared love for eating hot peppers and the plan to import them independently, we came into contact with Agricado Farms Uganda. We have been representing Agricado Farms Uganda in sales and relationship management within Europe but mainly in the Netherlands since October 2021.”

New products are on their way! Agricado Farms Uganda has a newly developed 160 ha plot near Mubende.

Rawit peppers, also known as Bird’s Eye peppers, are grown on 20 ha. of the new plot. These red and green peppers are famous for their hot flavour and are widely used, particularly in Indian cuisine.
Uganda’s ideal climate is advantageous for growing peppers which means that we can supply the market all year round, unlike, for example, South Africa, Zimbabwe or Kenya. Picking Rawit peppers is really manual work and rising salary costs makes it more profitable from Uganda when compared with Spain or the Netherlands, for example.

Hass avocado and macadamia (nut) trees have been planted on a portion of the plot. It will take three to five years for these trees to produce fruit.

Bird’s Eye Fresh Produce BV

Ard Mulder
Sales & Relationship Management
  +31 630 66 96 54


“Sales are a result of good relationship management. If you do the latter right, the first will come naturally.”

Ard Mulder

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