Ard Mulder Has Seen the Green Profession From Every Angle

“I have been working in and around horticulture my entire life. I started out as a garden center employee and I then went to work for Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer as an inspector. I was then Production Manager at Presikhaaf Nurseries, and finally started working as an intermediary at Hobaho and then CNB.”
I have been self-employed since 2017. I use my knowledge and experience in the field of cultivation, trade and relationship management to oversee sales and customer relationship management and to ensure that we receive top quality products from the Netherlands and Uganda.

Yugung Holding:

The Business Connector

Through Yugung Holding, I oversee the sales and relationship management for Xclusive Young Plants BV and Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen BV. I also provide the same services for smaller and/or temporary clients.

Hoogenraad Trade Nurseries:
Provides planting material of mainly tree nursery crops such as shrubs, conifers and (soft) fruit crops as well as grasses and perennials.

Xclusive Young Plants:
Grows cuttings all year round of houseplants and nursery stocks.

Bird’s Eye Fresh Produce BV:

The Pepper Connector

Own Import and Representation
Bird’s Eye Fresh Produce facilitates the import of exceptional products from Uganda: fresh and spicy red and green peppers, traditionally grown fresh tea leaves, locally grown and fermented vanilla, and in the future, Hass avocados and macadamia nuts.

“Sales are a result of good relationship management. If you do the latter right, the first will come naturally.”

Ard Mulder

"Listen to the customer’s wishes first, business will follow as a direct result."

Ard Mulder

"Don’t run away from problems. Choose rather to always have an honest conversation with the customer."

Ard Mulder

De Groene Aarde: The Perennial Connector

Perennial Cultivation
Our perennial range is aimed at landscapers. We grow larger numbers of Pennisetum, Carex, Heuchera and Tiarella, Liriope, Geranium and Hostas in different varieties. We also have some other specialties.

Supporting Carol

We’re Not Just About Business
We also want to give something back to the country and make a difference locally for people who have very few opportunities. That is why we contribute to ‘Supporting Carol’.
Carol Nanziri is disabled but thanks to Yugung Holding’s contribution, she is in good hands at Dorna Center for Autism in Kampala, where children and young adults with autism receive the care and guidance they need.

Read More About Dorna Centre Home for Autism  

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